Common Areas

Equipped Ranch and Large Pool

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Pool Area

The pool area is designed to provide a comfortable space for all our guests. In addition to a large pool, this area has chairs for sunbathing. The pool has several levels of depth making it possible for both children and adults to enjoy it. In this area you will find 2 bathrooms so you don’t have to go to the room.

Ranch Area

This social area is spacious and is equipped with fabulous amenities, including a large-volume ice machine so your drinks will never get hot. The hotel has also placed a large refrigerator where you can place drinks so you don’t have to go to the room for drinks or any other item that requires to be keep cold. Right here you have a large bar with more than 10 comfortable benches and an 80-inch screen so you don’t miss any sporting event or can play your favorite music.


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Great Privacy only 6 Rooms